Jackie Huber, Director of IT Curriculum

Jackie Huber

Director of IT Curriculum

Mike Weiler, Director of IT Support

Mike Weiler

Director of IT Support

The Technology Vision for the Batesville Community School Corporation is to provide today’s students with the skills and tools for tomorrow’s success. One way to ensure that all students have equal access to technology is to provide a device for all students. The 1:1 initiative began in 2011 with planning and preparation, and by 2014 technology was made available to all students. The devices were selected and have evolved to support the teaching and learning needs of teachers and students. All students in grades K – 2 have an iPad and students in grades 3 – 12 have a MacBook Air laptop.

Did You Know?

Most internet traffic isn’t from real humans.

About 51% of internet traffic is non-human. Over 30% is from hacking programs, spammers, and phishing.