English Language Learners

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Kindra Moore

English Language Learners Coordinator

The Batesville Community School Corporation’s English Language Learner (ELL) Program serves K-12 students through a plan that strives to promote English language proficiency as well as mastery of academic content. Our ELL students add diversity and new perspectives to our corporation.

Parents enrolling a child for the first time in an Indiana school will complete a Home Language Survey. If the survey indicates a native language other than English, a placement test will be given to determine if ELL services are needed. Home Language Surveys and assessments from previous Indiana schools will be accepted when a child enrolls in BCSC. Progress is monitored yearly through the administration of the WIDA Assessment. Based on the language level obtained through WIDA, an individualized plan is developed and progress is monitored. Parents will receive this information, in their native language when possible.

ELL students in the BCSC acquire English through participation in age-appropriate instruction that is aligned to national and state, as well as the English language proficiency standards. Instruction is provided in all four buildings through various service methods including licensed ELL teachers, instructional assistants, and classroom teachers. English language acquisition and proficiency is the goal of all ELL services in the Batesville Community School Corporation

An Individual Learning Plan (ILP) will be developed for students demonstrating a need based on assessment data. Parents will receive written notification, in their native language, when possible, of all assessment results and service placements.

English as a New Language (ENL) services are available in all buildings through a variety of programming methods from licensed ENL teachers, instructional assistants and classroom teachers. Student proficiency is measured annually with the WIDA Access 2.0 assessment.