To be recognized as the best school corporation in Indiana and as one of the best in the United States.


To educate all students in a tradition of academic excellence, preparing them for productive and responsible citizenship in a global community.


All Batesville Community Schools fully meet the standards established and required by the Indiana Department of Education. In addition, Batesville High School is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges.

School Board Meetings

The school board holds its regular meetings on the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the commons at the Batesville Middle School, located at 201 North Mullberry Street, Batesville. Meetings are open to the public. Please call 812-934-2194 if you need special assistance to attend meetings.

Enrollment Data

Average Daily Membership (ADM-student enrollment)

2010-2011 2,085
2011-2012 2,102
2012-2013 2,146
2013-2014 2,174
2014-2015 2,154
2015-2016 2,181
2016-2017 2,160

Average SAT Scores (2014-2015)

Seniors 1030 989

Average Attendance Rate (2016-2017)

Primary School 96.1%
Intermediate School 96.9%
Middle School 96.9%
High School 96.1%
State Average 95.7%

Graduation Rate (2016-2017)

Batesville High School 94.1%
State Average 87.2%

Test Scores Reflect Academic Achievement

Students in grades 3-9 take the Indiana Statewide Test of Education Proficiency (ISTEP+) and grade 10 students take the Graduation Qualifying Examination (GQE). These tests are administered in the fall of the school year.

ISTEP Test Results for 2016-2017
Percentage of Students Meeting or Exceeding ISTEP+/GQE Standards:
BCSC State Average
Gr. 3 Math 71.0 57.8
Gr. 3 Lang Arts 79.6 69.4
Gr. 4 Math 67.9 61.9
Gr. 4 Lang Arts 74.4 65.9
Gr. 5 Math 82.6 65.8
Gr. 5 Lang Arts 63.4 62.4
Gr. 6 Math 73.0 59.6
Gr. 6 Lang Arts 70.1 66.5
Gr. 7 Math 76.9 50.6
Gr. 7 Lang Arts 89.7 65.1
Gr. 8 Math 69.0 55.1
Gr. 8 Lang Arts 73.5 61.8
Gr. 10 Math 60.1 36.9
Gr. 10 Lang Arts 73.3 60.7

Complete test score information is available at the Administration Building or at each school. Most test score information can be obtained at the Department of Education’s website: https://www.doe.in.gov/.

Food Services

The school food service program has three main goals:

  • provide quality meals and quality service to every customer, every day;
  • increase the number of customer meals served daily; and
  • operate a well-managed business that remains financially solvent.

The program operates with an annual budget of approximately $1,100,000.00.  There are four self-contained kitchens. The free/reduced lunch eligibility for the corporation is 28%.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer

IDOE Report Card