Academic Offerings

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Batesville Primary School: (Pre-K through grade 2)

At Batesville Primary School, students learn early literacy standards and math standards. We teach students the components of literacy through phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Students learn to read in order to prepare them for Batesville Intermediate school. Reading and math instruction is differentiated for individual students based on academic levels within classrooms.

Batesville Primary School offers comprehensive curriculums include early literacy and math while incorporating basic introductions to science and social studies concepts. Within our grade levels, we offer special education, Title I education, dual language immersion education, high ability education, English language learner education and an allied arts experience including media/library education, art education, music education and physical education.

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Batesville Intermediate School (Grades 3 through 5)

At Batesville Intermediate School, we create a nurturing and enriching environment that challenges students to grow in some way, each and every day. Educating the whole child is a priority, as we aim to provide a unique learning experience for each child focused on building not only academic success, but self-confidence, responsibility, and lifelong learning.

Through a robust English and language arts curriculum, we strive to build fluent, independent readers. We prioritize critical thinking in math by utilizing multiple strategies to solve problems. At BIS, students focus on the science processes by engaging in STEAM-related activities and technology integration.

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Batesville Middle School (Grades 6 through 8)

Batesville Middle School offers students an exemplary standards-based instruction focused on the four core areas: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Students have the opportunity to participate in art, music, technology, and fitness while being exposed to several different elective courses. To ensure that every child’s needs are being met, we offer Advanced, Special Education, and English as a Second Language services, as well as access to counselors and school resource officers.

In eighth grade, students will have the opportunity to earn high school credit in algebra and biology and learn life skills needed to live a productive adult life by taking classes in industrial technology and family and consumer science.

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Batesville High School (Grades 9 through 12)

Batesville High School students are offered graduation tracks ranging from Associate degree completion, Indiana College Core attainment, technical skills development both on the BHS campus and through local site-based cooperative programs, and certification earning programming through coursework at the Southeastern Indiana Career Center.

Freshman and sophomore years focus on credit attainment in core courses to allow for entry into all graduation tracks, while also having exposure to elective courses in technical programs such as Agriculture and Project Lead the Way, business programming, or fine arts. All juniors and seniors are encouraged to take at least one course off campus each semester to bolster academic opportunities and experience diverse professional settings.

Student Resource Time is utilized for targeted academic assistance, extracurricular activities, and transferable skills development.