When you choose to enroll your child at Batesville High School, you’ll be joining a school system that is known for academic excellence and has been recognized for its achievements. Our curriculum meets rigorous academic standards and includes innovative, exciting programs in the following subjects:

In addition to our core curriculum, students have access to a state of the art Library Media Center.

Meeting Every Child’s Needs
We believe that every child should be given every opportunity to find personal success.  With that in mind, we provide an array of special programs designed to meet the needs of every child.

  • High Ability Program – Starting in Kindergarten, high ability students are identified via a process that considers the entire child – not just a test score.
  • Special Education – For students with special needs, our school works closely with the child and parent to understand the students’ challenges and identify an educational plan for that child. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools and format that will allow students to participate in a typical classroom setting.
  • English Language Learners – We are committed to ensuring that all of our students — including those who are not yet fluent in English — receive the best education possible.

Why I teach at Batesville High School

“I love teaching at BHS because teachers and administrators genuinely care about student success. The entire faculty enjoys teaching teenagers and loves learning with them.  At BHS, the faculty cultivates confidence in our students. We believe in their ability and the students know this.” – Deidre Laker, Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator

“Batesville has always been a community that recognizes the importance of education. BHS is small enough for students to become involved in multiple extra-curricular activities which is invaluable for time management and the enhancement of communication skills.” – Charlie Schuck, Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator

“I teach at BHS because the students make coming to work a privilege and pleasure.  I believe we are truly blessed at BHS to have great kids, an incredibly hard-working staff, and an overall desire to excel at athletics, academics, and the arts.” – Megan Spreckelson, FACS Curriculum Coordinator


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