Clubs, Groups and Activities

Batesville High School believes that extracurricular activities are an important part of the educational system. Being involved in these activities helps to contribute to the growth and overall development of our students. Each individual becomes a personal representative of the student body, school, and community.

Participation in clubs provides opportunities for students to learn skills in problem solving, team building, cooperation, citizenship, good sportsmanship, fairness, and others.

The following is a list of the organizations offered at BHS.

  • Senior Class – Sponsors: Mrs. Jen Steinkamp/Mrs. Missy Merkel
  • Junior Class – Sponsors: Mrs. Randi Stirn/Mrs. Megan Spreckelson
  • Sophomore Class – Sponsor: Mrs. Sarah Jaisle
  • Freshman Class – Sponsors: Mrs. Lori Giesting and Mrs. Barb Hartman
  • Academic Team – Sponsors: Ms. Katy Tincher and Mr. Judd Klingerman
  • AV Club
  • Dance Team – Sponsor: Mrs. Denette Callahan
  • Drama Club – Sponsor: Mrs. Lisa Barnett
  • FFA – Sponsor: Mrs. Cassie Wallpe
  • Student Council – Sponsor: Mr. Paul Satchwill
  • Interact Club – Sponsor: Mrs. Lisa Gausman
  • International Club – Sponsor: Mrs. Deana Stephens
  • Key Club – Sponsor: Mr. Paul Ketcham
  • National Honor Society – Sponsor: Mrs. Kirbee Gerkin
  • Ripley Youth Outreach – Sponsor: Mrs. Sarah Jaisle
  • Robotics Club – Sponsor: Mr. Craig Hughes
  • Rube Goldberg – Sponsor: Mr. Tim Mauzy
  • Choices – Sponsor: Mr. Jeff Day
  • Safe Passage
  • Archery – Sponsor: Mr. Mike Weiler
  • Annual Advisor – Sponsor: Ms. Sidney Howard
  • KSLA – Sponsor: Ms. Taira Lynch