Clubs and Activities

Academic Team

Academic Team is an opportunity for students to showcase their academic skills in a competitive format. Academic Team practices will be held on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 3:45. Students who participate on the Academic Team this year will study content related to the theme “The American Woman: A Generation of Progress 1920 – 2020.” The Academic Team will participate in several area meets and in the Indiana Junior Academic Super Bowl. The Academic Team coach is Mrs. Emily Bower and she can be reached at


The Bulldog Archery club follows the direction of National Archery in the Schools Program, which is a national education program to teach archery. NASP is an activity that doesn’t discriminate based on popularity, athletic skill, gender, size, or academic ability. It’s a different kind of team sport. It’s open to any student. students learn focus, self-control, discipline, patience, and the life lessons required to be successful in the classroom and in life. Mr. Mike Weiler is the coach for Archery. He can be reached at

Art Club

Art Club is offered every Tuesday from 3:00 -4:00 pm for any sixth, seventh, or eighth grade student. Art Club is an opportunity to expand your skills and stay involved with art throughout the school year. Students do not have to come to every meeting or even all year. Art club is willing to work around other sport/club obligations, just come when you can. It is a great opportunity to work on independent studies, expand on ideas, try new media (art materials), work collaboratively or independently! Art club allows you to do things that we cannot always do in class! Students should see Mrs. DiMuzio to sign up at any time during the school year. Mrs. DiMuzio can be reached at

Dance Team

BMS Dance Team is an opportunity for students to be included in a fun team atmosphere while also offering a way to creatively and positively express their individuality through dance! BMS Dance Team is a CO-ED Team and is open to both male and female BMS students entering grades 6-8. Team size is dependent on interest and results from the try-out process. Practices are usually held twice a week at BMS beginning in September thru February. Performances are typically scheduled during half-time at BMS basketball home games, BHS Homecoming Parade, and BHS Dance Team Competition. The Dance Team coach is Mrs. Natasha Struewing. Coach Stuewing can be reached at:

Geography Bee

The National Geographic GeoBee is a one-day competition that will be held at BMS during the second semester. There are no after-school practices for the Geography Bee. Students are asked to study on their own if they are interested in competing. If you have any questions regarding Geography Bee, please contact our Geography Bee sponsors, Mrs. Malena Smith or Mrs. Sheryl McCreary. They can be reached at or

Interact Club

Interact Club is for any 7th or 8th grade student who has a heart for serving others. Students will strengthen their leadership skills in a group as we conduct school-wide and community events including fundraisers and community service outings. Our schedule is flexible as it is understood students may not be able to make all activities. Meetings will be communicated in advance and will likely take place during advisory time. If you like making a difference, the Interact Club is perfect for you. Mrs. Shelly Prickel is the supervisor for Interact Club. She can be reached at

Rube Goldberg

The Rube Goldberg team will start meeting in October and will meet once a week. Rube Goldberg was an inventor who liked to build complex machines, also known as Rube Goldberg Machines, which solved a simple task in the most over complicated, inefficient, and hilarious way possible. If you are creative and enjoy inventing or building, this club may be the one for you. After the team builds/invents their machine, it will be entered into the Rube Goldberg Contest and will be judged. Sign-ups will be available at the end of September. Meetings will be every Friday after school.

Spell Bowl

If you have a knack for spelling then the Spell Bowl may be just the right team for you! The Spell Bowl will be held on November 4, and the state competition will be held November 11. Both competitions will be virtual. Any participant interested in the Spell Bowl team will be expected to be at practice 2 times per week. Practices will be held until 4:00pm. Specific days are yet to be determined. Please see the Spell Bowl coaches Mrs. Malena Smith and Mrs. Sheryl McCreary for any questions. They can be reached at or

Student Council

The Batesville Middle School Student Council is composed of an elected Leadership Team and Representatives from all three grades. The students meet after school on Fridays at least once a month. Students serve on committees (dances, Valentine’s Day Sucker Sale, volleyball tournament, Family Feud) and meet after school as needed. The group works to help encourage school spirit and provide activities both during the school day and after school to enhance the middle-school experience. The sponsor for Student Council is Mrs. Lisa Barnett. Mrs. Barnett can be reached at

Mission Statement

The Student Council is the voice of the student body. It is our purpose to make the school a more exciting place to learn and grow by planning dances and service projects, presenting the announcements, informing students and teachers of current activities, showing school spirit, and helping the students feel as though they have a connection to their administrators and staff. (Created August 25, 2008)


Student Council elections are held in the spring of the year and open to all students.

Extracurricular Music Opportunities

World Music Ensemble

For middle school and high school students who are interested in exploring music of other cultures, BCSC offers an after-school World Music Ensemble as an extension to the general music course offered to 7th grade students.

Using authentic instruments (such as the gyil xylophone from Ghana and the djembe drum from Mali), students collaborate to recreate the sights and sounds heard in West African performances covering a wide variety of recent tunes and traditional songs. The ensemble has performed at Miami University, the Indiana State Museum, the Indiana State House, and at the Indiana Music Educators Convention. The group meets twice a week for rehearsal (Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 4:15pm) and will continue seeking ways to share their unique passion of music-making throughout our community.

Steel Band

The Batesville Steel Band is composed of BMS and BHS student musicians who wish to expand their performance skills onto new and diverse instruments through an energetic, welcoming environment. The tropical instruments of Trinidad and Tobago have made a substantial rise to fame in the United States over the past 50 years, and the sounds are so closely connected to island vacations that we can’t help but smile and dance when we hear them. The pan’s versatility allows the ensemble to perform anything from traditional soca and calypso styles of music to modern day rock, jazz, pop, and even classical! The ensemble has performed at Miami University alongside many notable musicians including Tracy Thornton, Chris Tanner, and others. The group meets twice a week for rehearsal (Monday and Friday from 3pm to 4:30pm) and spreads its upbeat music through a variety of community performances.