Kindergarten through Grade 5: Reading Development, Skills Growth, and Career Awareness

From kindergarten through Grade 5, students will participate in career-focused, interactive experiences beyond typical field trips. For example, students in Grade 2 might attend an event to explore big machinery but would learn about the trucks and the careers involved before the event occurs. During the event, they would hear about the qualities of a good firefighter or the skills needed to operate agricultural machinery. In older grades, before visiting a farm, a local farmer might visit the classroom to personally introduce the students to agricultural concepts. When on-site at the farm, information about how the latest farm technology works or how the farmer learns about caring for animals and crops would be shared.  It’s about connecting the content with practical, day-to-day applications.

At Batesville Primary School, a focus will also be on reading skills, as that is the foundation for all other learning. As the students transition to Batesville Intermediate School, support for continued growth in reading and other school fundamentals will be provided.