The BIS PTO is an opportunity for the home and school to come together in the interest of all BIS students and to create a cooperative learning environment between home, school and community.  BIS is a unique building where in three years students prepare for their upcoming years at middle school.

As the new school year approaches, many students and parents are a little apprehensive about the transition from the Primary School to the Intermediate School. Change is always a little scary. However, as PTO members and parents of past and current BIS students, we would like you to be reassured that, not only has BPS provided these students with an excellent foundation, BIS does a superb job taking the students to the next level of learning. Students will be challenged academically and will get to participate in a myriad of new and fun activities as well.

As 2012-2013 is the first year for grade 3 students at BIS, fun activities are planned to aid in their transition to the new environment.

Established programs already exist for fourth and fifth grade students. Some highlights for fourth grade are a trip to the State Capitol building and the Benjamin Harrison home, as students learn about our state’s history. In addition, during Pioneer Day, fourth graders will get to step back in time for a day to see how early Indiana settlers lived.

Fifth grade highlights are learning about Indiana leaves including the creation of students’ own collections.  As part of the health curriculum, students have the opportunity to go to the Ruth Lily Center. The fifth graders are able to go to the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway in May.

We think you will be very pleased! We welcome your participation in PTO meetings. It is a great way to learn about all the wonderful happenings taking place in the school.

BIS Fundraiser

An annual fundraiser is held in the spring for the school and is sponsored by the PTO. Proceeds of the sale are used to support school activities and programs. The PTO sponsors all field trips, the Principal’s Century Club celebration, ISTEP+ snacks, the school newsletter, the 5th grade spring fling, the provision of $100 to each teacher for classroom supplies, and many other activities for our students and BIS staff. It is a wonderful opportunity for the community to support the school. In the past, the PTO has sold gift certificates and cookbooks. We have found the gift certificates to be a mutually beneficial opportunity for everyone.

How do I get involved?

The PTO is open to all BIS families and staff. There are no dues for membership. The PTO encourages parental and family involvement in school to promote academic, social and emotional growth of our children. When parents, staff and families join together BIS continues as the strong learning center it has become.

The PTO always welcomes additional volunteers. Many programs are held during the day, but there are opportunities for evening help as well.

If you have any ideas or would like to help with any project, please come to the meetings. If you are unable to come to a meeting, feel free to contact any of the officers.


Fifth grade students celebrate the end of their elementary years.


Students celebrate Fall, Christmas and Valentine’s Day with their peers.


Help card and shelve books in the library.


Provide assistance when the need arises for any activity, as your schedule permits.


Ready to Learn More? Contact the BIS School office at 812-934-5701 for the PTO President.