Rev 8/7/2018

Families are advised to carefully read the “Route Descriptions” below to determine which bus your child should ride.  At the end of each route description you will find the driver’s name and home telephone number.


ROUTE 1 provides service to residences in the area of Western Avenue, Myrtle Street, Albers Street, Depot Street south of Pearl Street, Eastern Avenue south of Pearl Street, Herman Street, South Street, John Street, Beech Grove Avenue and Alvina Street.
Driver: Cindy Long 812-934-5113.

ROUTE 2 begins on 1250N at SR 229 and services residences on 1250N, 1200N, SR 229, 100W, 1050N, 100E, 50E, the Timbers, and picks up students bound for Intermediate School and Middle School who board the bus at St. Louis School.
Driver: Rhonda McQueen 765-969-8334.

ROUTE 3 begins on 1300N at 50W and services residences on 1300N, 200W, 250W, 1150N, 225W, 1050N, 200W, 1200N, 100W, 50W, 1400N, South Mulberry Street, Volz Street, South Park Avenue, Central Avenue west of South Park Avenue and also picks up students bound for Intermediate School and Middle School who board the bus at St. Louis School.
Driver: Steve Deputy 812-212-3983.

ROUTE 4 begins at Mid Road and Underpass Road and services residences on Underpass Road, 1400N, 50W, Delaware Road north of 1300N, Pohlman Street, South Park Avenue, Legion Street, Bates Street, South Park Acres and picks up students bound for Intermediate School and Middle School who board the bus at St. Louis School.
Driver: Jim Kirschner 812-212-1654

ROUTE 5 begins on Pocket Road South at SR 46 and services residences on Pocket Road South, Last Road, Franklin-Decatur County Line Road, Mid Road, Underpass Road, Westbrook Drive, Hunters Lane, Woodlawn Drive, Huntersville Road and Locust Avenue.
Driver: Kate Kissel 513-378-3777.

ROUTE 6 provides service to Tekulve Road east of SR 46, including Village in the Woods apartments, Township Line Road including Pine Grove Addition, Hoosier Heights subdivision and the YMCA.
Driver: Jason Laudick 812-212-1443.

ROUTE 7 begins on Enochsburg Road at N. Hamburg Road and services residences on Wissel Road, Ziegler Road, Enochsburg Road, Bessler Road, Three Mile Road, Vote Road and Hamburg Road; Oldenburg streets of Averdick, Sycamore (SR229), Water and Pearl.
Driver: Brad Ott 812-593-2749.

ROUTE 8 services residences on Huntersville Road, Pocket Road, Frontage Road, Enochsburg Road (to Suttman Road), Decatur-Franklin County Line Road, Straw Road, Haskamp Road, West Hamburg Road (Fork Road) and North Hamburg Road to the corporation line.
Driver: George Litzinger 812-934-2096.

ROUTE 9 services residences on Bullfork Road, Hamburg Road, N. Hamburg Road, Ferkinhoff Road, Senft Road, Shady Road and SR 229 between Oldenburg and Batesville.
Driver: Gary Litzinger 812-212-0685.

ROUTE 10 begins on Rail Fence Road at Hilltop Road and services residences on; Hilltop Road, Rail Fence Road, Stockpile Road, Haverkos Road, Hamburg Road, Huntersville Road, Pocket Road, and SR 229 between Pocket Road and Batesville.
Driver: Julie Litzinger 812-934-2096.

ROUTE 11 services residences on Harvey’s Branch Road, Forest Road, Lamping Road, Joe Road, SR 229 between Lamping Road and Oldenburg, Tony Road from SR229 to Pipe Creek bridge plus the following streets in Oldenburg; Vine, Washington (north of SR 229), Pearl and Sycamore.   Driver: Shannon Bingaman 812-614-5882.

ROUTE 12 services residences on Harvey’s Branch Road north of Lamping Road.  Also, Abshear Road, Beacon Road, Whistle Creek Road, Peters Road, Walnut Fork Road east of SR229 from Peppertown, SR229 from the north corporation line to Lamping Road, Sawmill Road from Oldenburg to Shrine Road, Shrine Road from Sawmill Road to Pocket Road, Pocket Road between Shrine Road and SR229, including Rock Creek and Pines subdivisions.
Driver: Teresa Gibbs 765-698-5581.

ROUTE 13 begins at St. Mary’s Road and Pipe Creek Road.   It services residences along Pipe Creek Road, Walnut Fork Road and Hickory Road.  Route 13 also makes stops in Quail Meadows subdivision along Pheasant Run Drive, Bobwhite Boulevard and Whippoorwill Drive.
Driver:  David McQueen 765-969-8336.

ROUTE 14 services residences on Sunman Road, Pine Road, St. Mary’s Road, Simmermeyer Road, Moorman Road, Tony Road (to Pipe Creek bridge) and Heppner Road. In Oldenburg: Werner Addition and Water Street.
Driver: Gerri Schwegman 812-623-3923.

ROUTE 15 services residences on Russell Road and on St. Mary’s Road from Pipe Creek Road to Sunman Road, Pine Road west of Sunman Road, Lovers Road, Sawmill Road, Pony Farm/County Line Road, CR 1600N, Morris Road, Loop Road and Conservation Club Road. Also, the Werner addition in Oldenburg.
Driver: Angie Shane 812-934-6079.

ROUTE 16 services SR 46 east of Morris, CR 600E, CR 1500N (Lammers Pike) between 600E and Merkel Road, Merkel Road, Pony Farm Road, Sawmill Road, Shrine Road (south of Pocket Road), Six Pine Ranch Road and the following streets in Quail Meadows subdivision: Meadowlark Lane and the eastern portion of Pheasant Run Drive.
Driver: Linda Gutzwiller 812-934-4804.

ROUTE 17 services residences on 1400N, 500E, 1200N, 400E, 1300N, 450E, Morris, 525E at SR 46 and 475E at SR 46.
Driver: Norman Gutzwiller 812-934-4804.

ROUTE 18 services residences on SR 46 West, South County Line Road, Arbor Lakes Estates, plus Lake of the Woods Estates and Valley Drive (Hunters Glen). Driver: Mike Kick 812-212-0643

ROUTE 20 provides service to residences along Tekulve Road between SR 46 and Eastern Avenue, Boehringer Street, Fitch Avenue, Indiana Avenue, Eastern Avenue (north of Boehringer), Country Club Drive, Depot Street (north of Pearl Street), Hillenbrand Avenue, North Park Avenue, Hillcrest Avenue, North Main Street, Columbus Avenue (east of Mulberry), Smith Street, Vine Street, Elm Street and Mitchell Avenue.
Driver: Kim Powell 812-363-5530.

ROUTE 21  This route services residences along Arlington Drive, including Canterbury Apartments, from SR 229 north to Pocket Road.
Driver: Amy Gunter 812-212-1456.

ROUTE 22 provides service to Hillindale Commons: on Winding Way, White Oak, Red Maple, Callery Pear, and Oakmont; on White Oak at Red Oak and Hawthorne.
Driver: Richard Seals 812-212-2742.

ROUTE 23 provides service to residences on Delaware Road south of 1300N, 1300N, 1250N, 200E, 1150N (including Four Seasons subdivision), 1100N, Legion Road, and Bischoff Road.
Driver:  Ed James 812-363-3597.

ROUTE 24 provides service to residences on Lammers Pike, Dirks Road, Village Road, 450E (a.k.a. Merkel Road) between Lammers Pike and SR 46, and makes the following stops in Morris; Washington Street,  Hardebeck apartments, Church Road, and Mill Street.  It also covers SR 46 between Morris and SR 229.
Driver: Deb Crain 812-527-2447.

ROUTE 25 serves Columbus Avenue from SR 46 to Huntersville Road, Huntersville Road between SR 46 and Lynnhaven Drive, Cedar Lane, Hoene Avenue, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and Sycamore Streets, as well as West Pearl Street west of Mulberry Street.  Bus 25 also serves residences on South Mulberry from West Pearl Street to SR 229 (South Main), South Main Street from Mulberry Street to Maplewood and South Vine Street from Catherine Street to West Pearl Street.
Driver: Jay Pfeiffer 812-212-7990.

ROUTE 26 serves residences along SR 129 from Gillman’s Home Center to CR 1150N and all homes on Coonhunters Road from SR129 to SR46.  It also covers Prairie Avenue and Central Avenue from Prairie to South Park Avenue.
Driver: Dan Hooten 812-209-8136.

Each route will provide home to school and back bus service to the following schools: Batesville High School, Batesville Middle School, Batesville Intermediate School, Batesville Primary School, and St. Louis School.  Bus numbers coincide with route numbers.

In addition, the corporation operates three bus routes, 19, 19-A and 19-B, for students with special needs.  These routes serve the entire school district; therefore, individual route descriptions are not listed.
The driver for Route 19 is Eldon Cutter 812-498-3389.

Route 19-A driving duties will be shared by
Sharon Norman (AM) 812-212-1762 and Kim Smith (PM) 812-584-8855.

RobbieAnn Hostetler 513-218-4412 will be driving Route 19-B.


Kindergarten Bus Identification

There has been a system devised to help younger children identify their bus during the first few days of school. Next to the number on the right front of each bus will be a figure that the kindergartners will be able to recognize.

Note: New magnets were purchased recently and some of the characters have changed from last year.

The figure for each bus is listed below:     

1 – Bird 7 – Lizard 13 – Duck 20 – Crab
2 – Butterfly 8 – Elephant 14 – Deer 21 – Frog
3 – Cow 9 – Monkey 15 – Turtle 22 – Rooster
4 – Pig 10 – Dog 16 – Kangaroo 23 – Whale
5 – Buffalo 11 – Dolphin 17 – Camel 24 – Snail
6 – Cat 12 – Swan 18 – Horse 25 – Eagle
26 – Seahorse