Tips for Parents

Laptop Care…

  • Restart your computer
  • * Daily (at least once a week)
  • Charge each night
    * Expected to be charged when you come to school
  • Power Cord
        * Wrap loosely
  • Keep the keyboard and screen clean
        * Use dry microfiber computer cloth
        * Take to the Help Desk to be cleaned

Students Should Not…

  • Bypass the network and content filter
  • Go to inapproriate sites
  • Sent or Post inappropriate messages to others
  • Use games and Messages during class time
  • Download, install, or use prohibited software, music, video, photos, or games
  • Use another student’s user name or password
  • Tamper with hardware

Tips for Parents…

  • Set and enforce rules
  • Use the computer in a common area
  • Limit time on the computer/Internet
  • Check History
  • Social Media