Genesis Pathways to Success

Batesville Community School Corporation  awarded the 2018 Genesis Proactive 2 Grant

Batesville Community School Corporation was awarded a 2018 Genesis Proactive 2 grant in the amount of $1,500. The grant money was distributed to each of the four buildings, Batesville High School, Batesville Middle School, Batesville Intermediate School, and Batesville Primary School.  The objective for making selections was to purchase items for the classroom that are immersive and for use in computer science classrooms.

Batesville High School and Batesville Middle School purchased Parrot Drones to engage students in a hands-on approach to programming. The high school project was supported by the Genesis Proactive 2 Grant and the Joan and John W. Hillenbrand VISION Fund for Innovation. The drones allow the students to engage in a hands-on approach to programming, including missions and Drone races that must go through obstacle courses.

At Batesville Intermediate School, funds from the Genesis Proactive 2 grant, the school book fair and Duke Energy were used to purchase the Spheros Sprk+ Power Pack.  This allows for charging, storing, and transporting a dozen Spheros safely and efficiently.  Sphero Edu provides a wide range of activities from simple draw and drive commands to more complicated block-based programming. BIS will have many options for use in classrooms, lunchtime clubs and after school programs.

Through the generosity of the Genesis Proactive Grant, Batesville Primary School was able to purchase additional components for the Osmo interactive gaming system, allowing each teacher to have a system in their classroom.  Students are able to utilize hands-on pieces and interact live in a game-like setting. Systems such as this are what brings the true magic of the iPad alive in the classroom.