Vaccine Clinic for Students

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

We have partnered with Margaret Mary Health to have a Vaccine Clinic at our school during school hours on April 18th, 2023.  Most students need routine vaccines before kindergarten, before 6th grade, and then again after age 16.  Some students need additional vaccines for college.  This is the perfect chance to get your child up to date. Please take advantage of this awesome opportunity!  

The online form must be submitted by: April 4th, 2023

To complete the required form, read the following directions and then click and complete all the steps on the link below. 

  • The document is password protected. Password: Vaccine 
  • Acknowledge the Adobe terms by clicking “continue” at the bottom of your screen. 
  • Enter legal name 
  • Date: The format must be 8 digits and use forward slashes. i.e., 01/03/2009 
  • Every line with an * must be completed. 
  • Yellow fields are not required, but highly recommended if submitting to insurance. A copy of both sides of the insurance card is NOT required. 
  • The address to send claims can be found on your insurance card. 
  • After forms are complete, a “Click to Sign” button will appear. If it does not appear, look over the form for incomplete fields. 
  • After entering an email, a “Click to Sign” button will appear. 
  • Go to your email. An email will be sent from Adobe Sign. Click on the “Confirm my email address.” 
  • After confirming your email address, your part is complete. 
  • MMH’s staff will review your child’s immunization record and vaccinate to meet state requirements. 

Link:  Routine Vaccines Only

 Insurance: Please contact your insurance company to verify eligibility, coverage, and location limitations. Some insurance companies will not cover the vaccines if they are administered in a school setting. Vaccines are billed as ‘preventative’ and may be covered under the wellness category of your insurance plan. MMH’s provider is Michael Parker, DO. The insurance company makes the final determination of your eligibility and coverage. 

Vaccine for Children Program: This program provides vaccines at no cost to those 18 years and younger who have no insurance, Medicaid, or have insurance which does not cover vaccines.  

Vaccine Information Sheets can be found at: