Class of 2023 Final Transcript Request Process

BHS Final Transcript Steps:
1) Anytime before June 2nd, request your Final BHS transcripts through Parchment.
If you request it before May 25th, SELECT “Hold for final grades.”
2) BHS Transcript requests placed after June 2nd will not be processed as quickly due to shortened summer office hours.


Ivy Tech Final Transcript Steps:
1) These transcripts will NOT be ready until June 5th.
2) Request through Parchment, Ivy Tech charges a $5 fee.
3) If you request it before June 5th, SELECT “Hold for final grades.”
4) The Campus you are selecting your Ivy Tech transcript to be sent FROM is the Ivy Tech Indianapolis Campus.

Contact Mrs. Burck or Mrs. Steinkamp with questions prior to May 31st.
After May 31st, questions about sending your BHS transcript should be directed to the BHS Guidance Office registrar, Misty Shroder and Ivy Tech transcript questions should be direct to Batesville Ivy Tech campus secretary, Sammie Lecher.