BHS: Bulldog Ready: Freshman Community Experience

October 24, 2023

Batesville High School (BHS) has once again showcased its commitment to holistic education with the Freshman Community Guaranteed Experience, held on October 24, 2023. This event, coinciding with BHS PSAT Day, aimed to immerse freshmen in real-world learning experiences, fostering a sense of community connection and readiness for the future.

Under the guidance of dedicated teachers and supportive parents, freshmen embarked on a day filled with enriching activities both on and off-campus. The agenda, planned to maximize learning and engagement, ensured every participant experienced a diverse range of opportunities.

Split into groups led by experienced teachers, freshmen ventured into the community, visiting various local businesses and organizations and Ivy Tech Community College. From career coaching sessions to immersive tours at Global Atlantic, students gained valuable insights into different industries. Batesville Casket led a session about their company and had some BHS grads leading the session, offering a unique perspective on craftsmanship and tradition, while teachers facilitated team-building exercises, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and communication. Meanwhile, another session led by Toby Walsman from Batesville Tool & Die, showcased innovation in manufacturing, and finally, Margaret Mary Health, led another session highlighting the significance of healthcare in the community. The rotation system ensured that each group could explore different facets of the local economy, promoting a comprehensive understanding of various career paths and industries.

Following the morning sessions, students reconvened at Liberty Park for a well-deserved break and lunch. Freshmen participated in recreational activities and enjoyed some free time.

In the spirit of stewardship, students engaged in beautification and maintenance activities around Liberty Park, working alongside Batesville Parks employees. From picking up trash to raking leaves, freshmen demonstrated their commitment to environmental sustainability and community pride.

A special mention goes to Groups 1 and 2, who returned to BHS to assist in cleaning up fall sports facilities, exemplifying the Bulldog spirit and a strong sense of community responsibility.

The Freshman Community Experience not only showcased BHS’s dedication to providing students with comprehensive learning opportunities but also emphasized the importance of being Bulldog Ready and community-connected. Through real-world experiences and hands-on learning, freshmen are better equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, poised for success in both academics and beyond.