BHS: Adulting Skills Day 2 | Professional Skills

March 4, 2024

The second installment of the Freshman Community Adulting Skills program took place on March 4, 2024, focusing on professional skills.

Divided into four groups of forty students each, the day kicked off with students stationed at various locations. Under the guidance of teachers, administrators, Superintendent Ketcham, New Horizons, and other community members, students embarked on a journey of discovery across four key areas: Tying a Tie, Completing Job Applications, Addressing Envelopes, and Making First Impressions.

The rotation schedule ensured that each group had the opportunity to explore all four stations, providing a comprehensive understanding of essential professional skills.

In addition to table sessions, breakout sessions offered deeper insights into specific professional areas. The Human Resources Department session, led by Stephanie Spillman from Honda, delved into interview etiquette, providing invaluable tips on navigating the job market. Meanwhile, School Resource Officer Austin Gross led a discussion on Social Media Do’s and Don’ts, emphasizing the impact of online presence on professional reputation.

Thanks to our community partners, these freshmen are poised to navigate the professional world with confidence and competence, setting the stage for future success.