BHS: Adulting Skills Day 1 | Home Maintenance

January 4, 2024

January 4, 2024, marked the inaugural session of the Freshman Community Adulting Skills program, designed to equip incoming students with practical life skills. The day’s focus was home maintenance, providing students with hands-on experience and essential knowledge to navigate basic household tasks.

This transformative day was made possible by the dedication of our 16 community volunteers, each leading a group of 10 students. Their commitment to community-connected learning through real-world experiences enriched the educational journey of every participant.

Groups of ten students gathered around tables showing a variety of tools, ranging from hammers to voltage testers. The session began with a brief overview of the Basic Home Maintenance Tool Kit, emphasizing the importance of each tool in tackling common household repairs.

Participants jumped into practical exercises, starting with hammering nails into boards and mastering the technique of screwing screws with and without pilot holes. Demonstrations, coupled with hands-on experiences, allowed students to grasp fundamental concepts, such as dealing with stripped screws and utilizing tape measures accurately.

A highlight of the session was the prototype wall activity, where students learned patching techniques for holes and screws in drywall, followed by a crash course in painting. Electrical demonstrations highlighted safety protocols when dealing with outlets, switches, and lights, emphasizing the importance of shutting off breakers and using voltage testers.

The hands-on segment featuring stud finders and levels demonstrated to students how to locate studs and ensure precision in their DIY endeavors. From understanding electrical circuits to mastering wall anchoring techniques, participants left equipped with newfound confidence in tackling home maintenance tasks.

With practical knowledge under their belts, these freshmen are poised to navigate the complexities of home maintenance with confidence and skill.