“We are fortunate to live in a community in which the public schools excel in academics on all levels. We know that our daughter will receive an educational experience that is suitable to her needs. The faculty and staff at BPS guide students on an individual learning path so that specific needs are met. We are excited to see what this year holds!”   -Tara Obermeyer

“I teach at Batesville Primary School because students are eager learners, parents are great supporters in their child’s education, and the teachers and staff work together to make BPS successful in so many ways. I love being part of the staff at BPS!” – Kathy Kerker, Kindergarten Teacher

“I teach at Batesville Primary School because it is the school system I attended and loved as a student.  My husband and I are both Batesville natives and wanted to raise our four children in our hometown.  Batesville is a friendly small town with outstanding community involvement and support for education.  Our involved families, hard-working students and dedicated teaching staff make the Batesville Community School Corporation one of the best in the state of Indiana.”  – Barb Hartman, 1st Grade Teacher

“I believe in family and community, and that’s what is important at Batesville Primary School.  BPS wants families to be a part of their students’ education.  The BPS teachers, staff, and administration are committed to working with families with any need they may have to support the individual student.  Additionally, the Batesville community and school work together to foster individuality and success.  That is what makes BPS such a great school.”   – Sandy Westerfeld, 2nd Grade Teacher

“I teach at Batesville Primary School because the focus is on providing each student with a strong education. This school is very supportive of the students, parents, and faculty, and it is wonderful to work in an environment where everyone is striving to challenge the students to achieve their personal best. I feel very proud to work in a school that excels academically each year, and this is due to the hard work and commitment of our local community.”  -Ashley Boyce, 1st Grade Teacher

“I teach at BPS because Batesville Community School Corporation values the importance of a great education and is committed to helping students become lifelong learners.” – Vicki Heil, 2nd Grade Teacher


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