Special Services

Health Services
Batesville Primary School has a fully staffed health care clinic that provides extensive health services to our students and community. The BPS Health Services Department follows the recommendations of the National Association of School Nurses.  BPS student needs include; immunizations, obesity, diabetes, asthma, heart and vascular diseases, joint and muscular problems, high blood pressure, leukemia, brain tumors, seizure disorders, attention deficit disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders, and multiple life threatening food allergies.

Daily nursing responsibilities and activities:

  • Facilitate positive student responses to normal development.
  • Promote health and safety.
  • Intervene with actual and potential health problems.
  • Provide case management services.
  • Actively collaborate with others to build student and family capacity for adaptation, self-management, self-advocacy and learning.
  • Partner with outside agencies: Margaret Mary Health, Southeastern Indiana YMCA, Ripley County Health Department, and others.

Programs that the School Nurses schedule and organize are:

  • Head Lice Education and Screenings
  • Body Mass Index, Heights, and Weights grades 1-10
  • Hand Washing Program grades 1-8
  • Blood Pressure checks for grades 1-10
  • Facilitate BHS mentor students, Ivy Tech nursing students, and IU Medical Students
  • Staff Wellness:  onsite Health and Wellness screening, Walk America activity program, Staff Healthy Breakfast Event and Health Fair
  • Staff is educated in Blood Borne Pathogens, use of the Epi-Pen, andcertified in CPR/AED.
  • Coordinated School Health Program, which is an approach to school health that improves student health wellness and their capacity to learn through the support of families, schools, and communities, all working together.

For additional information about the BPS Health Services Department, contact Director of Health Services, Gayla Vonderheide or BPS School Nurse, Laurie Krieg.

For a complete listing of routes and bus drivers, please visit http://www.batesvilleinschools.com/transportation.asp

Batesville Community School Corporation provides bus transportation for all students who qualify.  In order to maintain the safest possible atmosphere for each child, the driver shall maintain discipline among the children. The front 3-5 rows will be designated seating for Batesville Primary School children.  If you want your younger child to sit with an older sibling, then the older child must also sit in this front section.  Please notify the bus driver of your need.   Hopefully, this will give the younger students adequate space closer to the bus driver.

Please encourage your child to behave safely and courteously on the bus so that everyone can have a pleasant trip to and from home. The bus drivers will give each child a set of expectations at the beginning of the school year.  Please review these bus rules with your child.

The school buses are equipped with audio / video monitoring devices.  The purpose of such tapes is the pursuit of safety, security and discipline on the buses.

A note from parents must be given to the teacher and the bus driver before your child will be allowed to change buses or bus stops.  If a parent is picking up a child who normally rides a bus, please send a note to the teacher. Otherwise, we’ll put the child on the bus to go home in the usual manner. Young children many times forget directions or get confused, so a note insures safe delivery of your child to his/her destination.

Sometimes the decision to pick up a child occurs just moments before dismissal time.  Please check in at the office and the receptionist will contact the classroom; DO NOT go to the classroom without permission from the office.  If the students have already “headed” for the buses, the receptionist will page the student to the office for pick-up. Bus supervisors are instructed not to allow a child to leave a bus line to go with any adult.  Please check in at the office to have students leave a bus line for parent pick-up.

Breakfast will still be available for any child who arrives on a late bus.  We will provide milk and breakfast items that can be taken to the classroom to be eaten.  In this way, students will not lose little instructional time and still have breakfast.

Bus Concerns
If there is a problem dealing with bus transportation, please contact these people in the following order:

(1) Your child’s bus driver

(2) Suzanne Kunkel, Associate Principal

[email protected] or 812-934-4509

(3) Greg Ehrman, Director of Transportation

[email protected] or 812-934-2194