Volunteer Participation Request & Background Check Form

Dear Parent/Guardian:

It is the policy of the Batesville Community School Corporation to require a criminal background check in order to volunteer or chaperone at Batesville Primary School.

Volunteer/chaperone opportunities and activities that require a background check include chaperoning field trips, Century Club, field days, and volunteering in the classroom.

If you plan to volunteer or chaperone at Batesville Primary School, please complete the attached volunteer participation request form.  Upon completion and return of this form, BPS will conduct the appropriate, limited criminal background check, and your name will be added to a list of approved volunteers and chaperones.  The principal has the authority to approve or deny participation as a volunteer or chaperone based upon the background check or other factors.

Also included on the form is a confidentiality agreement.  Please read and sign this section.

This form must be returned to the BPS office.  Each person interested in volunteering/chaperoning needs to compete a form.  Click here to download a Background Check Form.

Brad Stoneking
Batesville Primary School Principal