Clubs & Groups

Art Club

BPS Art Club is an amazing opportunity for students who have a special interest in Art to get extra time after school to work on projects.  Art Club is divided into three 4-week sessions.  Each section will have a separate topic.  Look for more information on the BPS Art website and classroom newsletters.

Century Club

At the beginning of each year, the students at BPS who are in grades Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd start working to join the CENTURY CLUB!!  This club is to promote reading and to motivate students to read, read, read.

We are hoping that every parent will encourage their child(ren) to read books and to become members of the CENTURY CLUB.   Reading is a key to education; stimulating thinking, learning and growing.  Reading daily will increase a person’s vocabulary and if asked questions about what he/she has read, it will increase comprehension as well.  To become good at any activity or sport, you have to practice and work to get better each day.  Well, the same is true of reading—to become a proficient and fluent reader takes practice and pushing for a higher level.

To achieve CENTURY CLUB does take work and dedication from both you and your child.  To become a member a student must read 100 books or 6,000 pages over the school year.

Any child who has achieved club membership status (2 sheets by winter break; 2 additional sheets by the end of April) each year will be invited to attend the Century Club celebration at school with entertainment and refreshments.  The party will held during the school day in the afternoon. Last year, we all (kids and staff) had a SUPER TIME and we are eagerly looking forward to our May party!!

Century Club Booklist Form

Garden Club

Fall – Spring – Summer

BPS Garden Club is open to all 2nd grade students. Letters will be sent home for interested students to sign up. This club is LIMITED to the first 25 students who sign up. There is a fee to be in this club. The instructor is Mrs. Vicki Heil who teaches  2nd grade at BPS.

Fall – Students will learn how gardeners use the fall months to harvest summer crops, and learn about plant crop cycles. They will also learn about seeds, soil, and care of plants. The students will learn how to prepare garden beds for the fall and will also learn about vermicomposting.

Spring – Students will learn how gardeners use the spring months to prepare for their summer gardens. Students will be involved in selecting the plants that will be grown in the BPS garden. They will also learn about seeds, soil, and care of plants. The students will learn how to prepare garden beds and will also learn about vermicomposting.

Summer – (Open to K-2 Students) Students will learn how to care for and maintain the school garden. Students will be able to take home harvested items as they mature throughout the summer. Students will also be able to help create garden art projects that will be used in the garden.


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