Language Arts

Language arts instruction is an essential component of each day at Batesville Primary School.  Reading, writing, grammar, and spelling are included within language arts instruction. Language arts skills provide the foundation for building successful, lifelong learners.

Teachers use a variety of resources to ensure that students are receiving adequate instruction. Lindamood-Bell programs and Houghton Mifflin reading series are utilized for reading instruction. Shurley English and timed writings are used for grammar and writing practice. Writing rubrics are used to check progress throughout the year. Successmaker is a computerized intervention that allows a child to encounter reading in a different method. Instruction is based on data and the needs of students.

mCLASS and NWEA reading assessments are administered three times a year to students in grades K – 2. These assessments provide teachers with data to best determine the needs of each child. Reading instruction is adjusted based on those needs. E/I is built into each classroom schedule. Each child participates in a group to meet their individual needs for reading instruction. Interventions are provided through Title I services. Enrichment groups are led by grade level teachers. Groups meet 4 days a week for 45 minutes. These groups are monitored for growth and change as needed to meet the needs of each child.

Our language arts program provides the opportunity for children to interact with books and literacy in a variety of ways. Literacy is a treasured gift that will allow your child to experience new places and knowledge. We teach children to read so they can read to learn!

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