Art is an amazing instrument for a creative mind. Experiencing and creating works of art benefit students in their intellectual, personale, and social development. Art is a critical component of learning and comprehension in all subject areas.

Studenti d'arte a BPS potranno conoscere la storia dell'arte e della cultura. Essi descrivere e analizzare opere d'arte, formulare giudizi informati, and discuss the meaning and significance of art. Students will work with a range of subject matter, arte medium, e gli strumenti per aiutarli a imparare gli elementi di arte e principi di progettazione.

At BPS we have an exciting and engaging art department where student art is displayed throughout the school. We are not afraid to get involved with our senses and have fun while learning and working together. Ultimately the students will be able to express themselves, sfruttare la loro creatività, l'orgoglio e la forma di auto.