Parent Testimonials

“The Batesville Middle School building is very warm, open and inviting.  The Commons area is a wonderful, multifunctional area where the kids truly enjoy hanging out.  The central locations of the Commons, gym, food service and music rooms are great…The segmented layout allowing for the separation of 6th, 7th and 8th graders into their own wings is ideal.  By far, the best thing about the building is the amazing staff!  They have been so welcoming, supportive and caring since we transferred to Batesville schools.  We simply can’t say enough great things about all of them!” –  BMS Parent

“Our son recently finished his 8th grade year at Batesville Middle School. He said he wished he could stay there because it was like a family. He is right. His teachers got to know John, learned his strengths and weaknesses and played off of those to help him learn. John’s grades improved and he actually wanted to learn. If I had a question or concern, I always felt comfortable emailing Mr. Siefert, Mr. Walter, or a member of the faculty or staff and I knew that I would receive  an answer.  I was always treated with respect, as were John and all of the students. Batesville Middle School is a great place for a young person to learn.”  BMS Parent

“Batesville Middle School has been a great school for both my boys.  My oldest son is now a freshman at the high school.  During the past three years at BMS, he was able to build a solid foundation in academics, athletics, and social skills through strong support and encouragement from the teachers, coaches, and administrators.   Currently, my younger son is a 7th grader at BMS and finding the same positive environment to build his foundation.  Through my experience, I have found the staff and administration at BMS to be very approachable and they do everything they can to solve issues that arise.  I like the fact that BMS exists in a small community, and is able to offer an education that is comparable or even better than the largest schools in the state.  Along with academics BMS helps the students to become socially involved in many ways, allowing the students to be well rounded and more viable to our community.  It has been a great experience to be a part of Batesville Middle School.” BMS Parent

Student Testimonials

“Batesville Middle is a great place to receive a wonderful education! All of the teachers are very fun and nice! I have learned tons of things from all of them.  Also, the discipline is very fair and the staff handles problems very efficiently.  These things are what make Batesville Middle School the best school that anyone could ever go to!”– BMS Student

“Batesville Middle School is a great place to go to school. I really enjoy the classes the Middle School offers in addition to the standard academic classes.  (Also, you are allowed to chew gum during school. That’s pretty awesome!) The Middle School has opportunities for all grades to be involved in athletic activities. Sports are a way to make your average school day more entertaining. If you do sports you are on a team, and that is a way you can make new friends.” – BMS Student

“One thing I like best about BMS is the technology. Before I came to Batesville as a fifth-grader, the only thing I did on computers was test taking. There was only one computer lab for the entire school K-6.
At BMS, we have used Sibelius software to create our own music in band, and in music class, we learned how to use GarageBand. In Industrial Tech class we’re learning about Lego robotics. It’s like the technology is everywhere, not just in the computer labs.  I also really like how teachers are so creative about our learning. They tell us we learn by “Hearing, seeing and doing.” They really try to use all three techniques. BMS tries really hard to give students a lot of different experiences. In our “Allied Arts” rotations we get exposed to cooking, woodworking, computers, art, and playing the African drums and xylophone. My cousins who still attend my old school haven’t had near the cool experiences that I have at BMS. “
– BMS Student

“Batesville Middle School is an outstanding school. One of the most impressive components of Batesville Middle School is the committed staff. Each staff member helps the students to achieve their best. Some teachers try to teach their lessons in more creative ways, which make the lessons a lot more fun and easier to understand. The middle school offers a variety of classes. It also has a bunch of different sports and clubs the students are encouraged to join such as art club, interact club, student council, academic team, cross country, volleyball, football, basketball, wrestling, golf, and track. Most students don’t just merely think of Batesville Middle School as a school but as an energetic fun community.” – BMS Student


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