IHSAA Rule 3-10 requires that “Between April 1 and student’s first practice in preparation for interschool athletic participation, the student shall have a physical examination by, or shall provide certification from, a physician holding an unlimited license to practice medicine, a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant, who shall clear the student for athletic participation using the current IHSAA Pre-Participation Evaluation form”

All students planning on participating in any sports or open facilities for the 2018-2019 school year are required to have a new IHSAA PPE physical and concussion form dated after April 1, 2018.

Forms from the previous school year will be void after May 30, 2018.

Please print the IHSAA Physical form or pick one up at BMS or BHS, complete the first page and top of second page prior to your appointment.

 IHSAA PPE 2018-19

A “Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgement and Signature Form” must be completed and signed by both the student and at least one parent / guardian, and returned to the Athletic Office.  This form, as with the physical, must be completed every year of participation in high school sports and on file prior to participation in summer events.

Sudden and Cardiac Arrest form

BMS Travel Release Form  Travel release form must be filled out if the student is not riding the bus to/from event.  Approval is required from the Athletic Director, Principal, or Associate Principal prior to the event.