L'éducation physique

The BMS physical education program emphasizes improving physical fitness and overall well being. In addition to the wellness theme, the purpose of the physical education program is to introduce various sports and activities that students can participate in throughout their lifetimes. The curriculum is designed to be co-educational, non-concurrentiel, individualisée, and challenging to all ability levels. A primary goal is to establish the importance of regular exercise while instilling positive feelings and attitudes toward physical activities. Batesville Middle School is equipped with a wide variety of fitness equipment including a new horizontal climbing wall designed to improve/strengthen the students’ endurance cardiovasculaire, flexibilité, la force musculaire, l'endurance musculaire, et l'indice de masse corporelle (IMC). Presidential Physical Fitness Testing will be administered in both the fall and spring of the school year and the results will be communicated to parents. Students will have the opportunity to earn recognition for attaining the national or presidential standards.

The BMS health curriculum aligns with state standards and focuses on empowering students to be responsible for their health. Lessons will concentrate on empowering students with the skills to access information, adopter des comportements sains, gérer le stress, analyser les influences, communiquer efficacement, résoudre les conflits, prendre des décisions éclairées, fixer et atteindre des objectifs, gérer les comportements, pratiquent l'abstinence dans les situations de pression, and advocate for a good cause. Students will be instructed on safety each year and will have the opportunity to practice the life-saving skills of rescue breathing and CPR.