Student Testimonials

“The thing I like about Batesville Intermediate School is that all the teachers and staff are nice to me and they understand me. They have helped me out a lot. I can always count on them.” – Trinity Toles

“I like coming to BIS to see the teachers everyday. They help me learn and grow up. I like music, chorale and science because we do cool experiments. I think students have fun when they come here to learn.” –Student

Parent Testimonials

“This school is a special place, I love the sense of belonging and community. It is the whole school involved that care for all the children, not just mine.” -Parent

“BIS has given my children encouragement, strength, and the support they need not only academically, but for their personal growth. Everyone here wants all children to become valuable, independent, strong and respectable young people.” – Parent

Teacher Testimonials

“The number one reason I love to teach here is the teamwork and support, all teachers and staff are dedicated to help students learn. Everyone is willing to help out anyway they can for all students in the school. We have support from all areas.”  – 4th Grade Teacher



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