Special Services

Guidance Department
Guidance lessons will be conducted in each classroom on a regular basis. Students are presented with lessons on conflict resolution, study skills, health awareness issues, and appropriate manners. Counseling services will include assisting students in the transition between schools, lessons on conflict resolution and drug awareness, coordinating school-wide projects which promote the use positive behaviors, social and personal counseling, and programs regarding bullying. We urge parents to contact the school and/or their child’s teacher if a question, problem, or concern arises.

Health Services
Download our helpful health services resources below:

When students become ill during the school day, they should tell their teacher. Teachers will send students to the clinic with a pass if needed. The general guidelines for sending students home due to illness are: temperature of 100 or more, vomiting, diarrhea, and or serious injury or extreme pain. If they are too ill to remain at school, the parent or contact listed on the registration will be called to come after them. All schools in the corporation share a nurse.

There are some illnesses and disabilities for which a child requires medication during school hours.  However, in compliance with Indiana statutes, the school personnel do not give prescription medication to any child while in school unless there is a written order by the doctor.  (A pharmacy label on the original container will constitute a physician’s order).  All medication shall be kept in the clinic and be consumed by the student at the clinic.

In order to avoid errors, the office requires that a parent note or a completed medication form accompany all medication to be given in school, with the physician’s order stating dosage and hours to be given.  Medication forms are available at the office or at the local doctor’s office.  All long-term medication orders will be reviewed periodically.

Proper Procedures when Medication is Taken at School

  • Prescription drugs can be given at school if prescribed by a physician and ordered to be taken at school. The permission form to administer medication is to be filled out by the physician and parent.  This form may be obtained through the school office.  The medication must be brought to the office in the original container and be accompanied by the permission form to administer medication.
  • According to Batesville Community School Corporation Policy 6.0-31, a written order of a practitioner must accompany the medicine. The school may contact the physician if there are any questions regarding the medication ordered for the well being of the student.
  • Over the counter medication can be given at school.  If given, the medication must be sent to school in the original manufacturer’s package or container.  The student’s name must be on the medication package and a note from the parent shall be included.  The note should contain: date, name of student, name of medication, amount to be given, time to be given and the time the medication was last given. There are two ways a student may receive medication:
    • The student’s parent may come to school and give the medication and documentation is completed.
    • The school nurse, clinic aid or office personnel may give the medication only if the medication is accompanied by the above information.
  • All medication must be brought to the clinic immediately.  It should not be kept in pockets, lockers, desks or backpacks. It is the student’s responsibility to come to the clinic to take the medication.

Release of Medication: As per IC 20-34-3-18 medication that is possessed by a school for administration during school hours or at school functions for a student may be released to: the student’s parent and/or an individual who is at least eighteen years of age and designated in writing by the student’s parent to receive the medication.

Possession and Self-Administration of Medication Permitted:
According to state law IC 20-33-8-13 students with certain acute or chronic diseases can carry and self-administer their own medica­tions. This is permitted only if the medication must be given on an emergency basis, and if a parent files an annual authorization, which includes a written statement from a physician stating that the student has an acute or chronic disease or medical condition for which the physician has prescribed medication, the student has been instructed in how to self-administer the medication and the nature of the disease or medical condition requires emergency administration of the medication. The authorization and statement described must be filed annually with the student’s principal.


Bus transportation is provided for all students. Students are expected to ride the bus to which they have been assigned and to get off at their assigned bus stop.  Students will not be allowed to ride another bus or go home with a friend without permission from the parent. A note must be given to the teacher giving permission to alter the normal mode of transportation home.  Bus drivers will not allow students to ride an unassigned bus or get off at a different stop without administrative and parent approval.

All students are expected to ride their assigned bus. In the event it becomes necessary for a parent to pick students up or drop them off at school, drivers should closely follow the one-way signs. The student drop-off and pick-up zone is located on the west side of the building near the parking lot. All vehicles are expected to exit using the 5th street exit. There is no drop off in front of the building as that area is for bus use only.

** BMS cars line up on the BIS driveway behind buses. **

Bicycle riders and walkers should use extreme caution as they go home. Bike racks will be provided but it is the student’s responsibility to provide a chain and lock. The school is not responsible for bicycles.

Cafeteria/Food Services

Batesville Intermediate School offers both a breakfast and lunch program.  Breakfast includes milk, juice, and a selection of bread, cereal, or meat item(s). Breakfast is served from 7:30 a.m.-7:55 a.m. Students may choose to bring their lunches to school. Drinks may be purchased or brought from home (no glass containers or soda pop will be allowed.) “Fast food” lunches or beverages are not permitted in the cafeteria for students or adults. We are trying to teach students good nutrition as part of our lunch program and these items do not provide a balanced lunch. Students are not permitted to leave school for lunch except in special cases where the parent has made personal arrangements in advance with the approval of the administration.

If a child is allergic to milk and/or dairy products and wants an orange drink for lunch instead of milk, the parent must obtain a written statement from the child’s doctor stating the child’s allergy and the need for a substitute product. This is required by state/federal regulations. An allergy form is available from the BIS cafeteria manager by calling the school office at 934-5701.

Some students are highly allergic to peanuts, peanut butter, peanut oil, peanut flour, or peanut protein. If these children come in contact or ingest any of the above it could be life threatening. Precautions are taken for these students during lunch. We ask that you read all food labels before sending any food to school with your child. Please talk with your child about the importance of not sharing their personal food while at school. If you are asked to send in treats for your child’s class then please make sure the items are individually wrapped and peanut free. Some products do not contain peanuts, but are made in facilities that process peanuts and therefore are cross-contaminated and not safe. Labels contain this type of information. Our goal is to maintain a safe school and classroom environment.

Any student who has a negative balance falling below $10.00 will be contacted through the cafeteria. Students must have written permission to purchase second lunches and/or extras. Forms for this purpose are available in the office. Students with a negative balance may not purchase “extra” food items. Students key in their lunch number to a keypad.


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