Student Activities

The PTO funds educational field trips for each grade level.  These field trips are planned to coordinate with the grade level curriculum and prepare students for classroom activities.

  • All children are expected to participate in these trips. Students not reporting to school on a field trip day will be counted absent.
  • Information notes and permission slips will be sent home with students prior to the trip.
  • Students are expected to follow all rules and directions of the adults present and to behave properly on the trip.
  • Parents who attend are expected to chaperone and supervise.  A parent, legal guardian or custodial parent of the enrolled student is allowed to chaperone. Parents shall not attempt to find a substitute chaperone if they cannot attend as the school will make necessary arrangements as needed. All chaperones are required to have a limited criminal history check before they can serve as a chaperone.
  • On most field trips parents will be required to ride the bus, however with higher numbers of chaperones, parents may be asked to drive separately if there is no space on the bus.
  • All students must ride the school bus provided.

Field trips are a privilege and are earned by the student demonstrating responsibility and respect for the rights and needs of others. Students failing to demonstrate these may be asked to not accompany the class. In the event a student does not attend the field trip, an alternative assignment will be offered at school. Students not reporting to school on a field trip day will be counted absent. After a scheduled field trip, students are to remain until dismissal.

Book Fair
The library sponsors a Scholastic book fair held in mid September. The fair is a great opportunity to support your child’s recreational reading habits while also benefiting the BIS’ library and its programs.  The Book Fair is a week-long event and includes family night events.

Musical Concerts
The music department produces three grade level concerts each year, one each twelve weeks. Each grade is highlighted at the concert along with Chorale and Band.


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