Special Weeks at School

American Education Week

American Education Week is a great opportunity to strengthen the partnership of home and school. Held in the third week of November, American Education Week is a national event sponsored by the National Education Association. This week is to remind us that learning is a home/school partnership. The BIS staff and students plan to celebrate this annual week-long event by “firing up” school spirit for our BIS learning system.  Encourage your child by participating each day!

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is a specific week used to focus on the positive choices a drug free life offers. The potential damage of these substances can be very real in an adult’s personal life, but these substances in the hands of young students only increase the danger involved. For students, we ask them to seriously consider never starting to use these substances. In reality, some of these students will choose to use some of these substances as they grow older. With education and community effort, some might choose to delay experimenting to a later age. Some will choose to not start at all.

During Red Ribbon Week, we have the opportunity to send a clear message to our children about this community’s commitment to raising healthy, knowledgeable, safe, and drug-free children.

Examples of activities include:

  • Each student receives a red ribbon to wear all week.
  • A drug free pledge is said each morning.
  • The “Drug Free” message is emphasized in classes as well as over school wide announcements.

Our children need to be able to stand up to the increasing pressure to use drugs. They must have inner courage, strength and support around them.  They must believe in and think highly of themselves. This week gives us one more chance to talk about this positive message.

Athletic Days: Bulldog Blue and White Days/Weeks

Students and staff support the Batesville High School athletic teams. During the different sports seasons, students and staff have Blue and White Day each Friday. During special athletic weeks, we develop different activity days to support the team. Other days are also celebrated with a special “school day” that can be BIS, a college/university, or even a professional team.


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