Community Causes

Students and Staff work to raise money and items that different groups may need to support the local community. When natural events like hurricanes and tornadoes occur in different areas of the country, BIS students and staff step up and help to provide some type of relief for those communities. We have raised money for the events of 9-11, Hurricane Katrina and the more recent tornadoes in Holton, IN.  We periodically raise food for the local food pantry, for which in one year we raised over 2 tons of food that supported our local community of Batesville!

Steve Cochran Memorial Scholarship
Please send cash or check donations payable to “Steve Cochran Memorial Scholarship.”  This is a local scholarship awarded to Batesville High School students in honor of a former math teacher and coach.

BIS Library Book Giving
The BIS library strives to provide the latest and greatest books for our students. You can help encourage reading by donating  a book or a gift certificate to the library, as well as by supporting the Scholastic Book Fair in September and the Whooos Reading Read-a-thon in February. The Bookshelf in Batesville often offers a 20% discount on books purchased for the BIS Library.

Gloves and Hat Tree
Many students do not have gloves or a hat to wear outside for recess or for outside play during the winter months. The BIS office is sponsoring the gloves and hat tree.  Please send any new gloves or hats you purchase to the BIS office and we will see that they are distributed to those who need it most. Any size will work!

PAAIN (People Assisting Animals in Need)
These items go to PAAIN to support the rescue of animals. We collect new leashes, collars, dog biscuits, dog toys, paper towels, and bleach.


Wonderful! We look forward to assisting you.