Library Media Center

Check it out.…literally! We have thousands of books for you. Look for the Young Hoosier Book Award shelf, the new books section, monthly genre displays, plus our picture book, fiction, nonfiction and magazine sections. Be sure to see classmates’ recommendations on the “Good Books” shelves!

The Mission of the Media Center is to ensure that students will:

  • Ask questions, think carefully, and learn new things.
  • Take what is learned and use it to learn more.
  • Share and use knowledge honestly and responsibly.
  • Read for pleasure and personal growth.

All BIS students come in for weekly 45-minute classes that focus on books and time to read. They also have an extra class for one 9-week period to learn research and digital citizenship skills. Additional programs in the library include reading clubs, a tech club, literary lunches, Young Hoosier Book Award program, author/illustrator visits and an annual Scholastic book fair.

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