High Ability – Exiting Procedures

High Ability Exiting Procedures

The purpose of this procedure is to try to help a struggling high ability student to be successful in the high ability programming that is offered. As a last resort, this high ability program can be removed or revised if the student is not able to be successful.

A parent, guardian, student, or teacher can initiate the request for consideration of exiting a student from high ability programming. The following guidelines should be used prior to Exit.

Exit Petition

  • Parent, teacher or student will fill out an HA Exit Request Form.
  • Form will be completed and returned to the High Ability Coordinator, Melissa Burton.

Preliminary Conference

  • Preliminary Conference will be held between coordinator, building level administrator or counselor, parents, student (when appropriate) and teacher.
  • Coordinator will schedule conference within one week of receiving Exit petition. This conference may be a telephone conference.
  • All concerns/issues will be discussed. Solutions and potential strategies proposed.
  • Intervention plan will be written implementing proposed solutions strategies and solutions for a period no less than nine weeks.

Post Conference

  • A post conference will be held at week nine.
  • Results of intervention strategies will be discussed.
  • Parents, teacher and coordinator will determine if a change in placement is needed.
  • Student will either exit or stay in current placement.
  • If an exit is deemed appropriate, the parent signs permission to “de-flag” student for high ability placement and services.
  • High ability coordinator removes high ability flag for student in database.