English Language Learners

The Batesville Community School Corporation’s English Language Learner (ELL) Program serves K-12 students through a plan that strives to promote English language proficiency as well as mastery of academic content.

Over sixty students, whose primary language based on a Home Language Survey is not English, attend one of the four schools in the Batesville Community School Corporation. These students add diversity and new perspectives to classrooms. A certified teacher provides English language development along with integrated content instruction to students, based on their level of language acquisition.

English Language Learners new to the Batesville Schools are given a LAS Links placement screening to determine their English language performance level. Progress is monitored yearly through the administration of the LAS Links test. Based on the language level obtained through LAS Links, an individualized plan is developed and progress is monitored.

ELL students in the BCSC acquire English through participation in age appropriate instruction that is aligned to national, state and district content standards, as well as the English language proficiency standards. Instruction is provided through structured immersion with their English-speaking peers, supported by pull-out and/or push-in instruction from the ELL teacher. The ELL teacher works in close collaboration with the students’ classroom teachers. English language acquisition and proficiency is the goal of all ELL services in the Batesville Community Schools Corporation.


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