Fine Arts

Students participate in a weekly art class conducted by a certified art teacher.  A variety of art media are incorporated into instruction including painting, drawing, and pottery.

One student from each grade level is recognized quarterly for outstanding effort and achievement.

Students are exposed to a variety of art fields through a cooperative working relationship with an artist in residence.  This artist works with students over several weeks throughout the school year modeling his or her profession and area of expertise.  Past artists have included sculptors, storytellers, choreographers, opera production staff, and painters. This program is made possible by the local Rural Alliance for the Arts (RAA).

Responding to Art 3.5.1 History and Culture: Understand art in relation to history and past and contemporary culture

Responding to Art 3.5.2 History and Culture: Recognize significant works of art and the chronological development of art movements and historical periods

Visual Art 3.5.3 Criticism and Aesthetics: Describe, analyze, and interpret works of art and artifacts

Visual Literacy 3.5.4 Criticism and Aesthetics: Theorize about art and make informed judgments

Visual Literacy 3.5.5 Criticism and Aesthetics: Reflect on and discuss the nature of art, aesthetic experience, and aesthetic issues concerning the meaning and significance of art

Creating Art 3.5.6 Studio Production: Develop a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas for artwork and utilize skills of critique, reflection, and revision

Creating Art 3.5.7 Studio Production: Understand and apply elements and principals of design in personal works of art, utilizing a variety of media, tools and processes

Integrated Studies 3.5.8 Experience the integrative nature of visual arts, other arts disciplines, and disciplines outside the arts, and understand the arts as a critical component of learning and comprehension in all subject areas


Students participate in music class each week. Students learn basic music skills with an emphasis on note reading, singing, and instrument playing. Grade level concerts are presented to provide students an opportunity to “be on stage” to share their musical talents with parents and family members. Each grade level will present a concert at different times during the school year.

*One student from each grade level is recognized quarterly for outstanding effort and achievement.

Music Grades 3-5

Performing Music 3.5.1 Singing alone and with others.

Performing Music 3.5.2 Playing an instrument alone and with others.

Creating Music 3.5.3 Improvising melodies, variations, and accompaniments.

Creating Music 3.5.4 Composing and arranging music within specific guidelines.

Responding to Music 3.5.5 Reading, notating, and interpreting music.

Responding to Music 3.5.6 Listening to, analyzing, and describing music.

Responding to Music 3.5.7 Evaluating music and music performance.

Responding to Music 3.5.8 Understanding the relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts.

Responding to Music 3.5.9 Understanding music in relation to history and culture.


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