Why Choose a Career At Batesville Intermediate School
Batesville Intermediate School works each school year to develop a system that meets the needs of our students. Grades 3-5 are times where children change, as students are learning to be more independent as they develop learning skills and make new friends. Join our team of caring staff members to help students grow and become prepared to move to the next level.

Interested in a Career at Batesville Community Schools?
To establish a complete pre-employment file, please complete the online application. Your application will be retained in active status for one school year. If your qualifications meet our needs, we will contact you for further information and a possible interview.

Teacher Testimonial
“From administration, parents, teachers and staff, everyone is willing to support all students needs at every level. We have great resources in technology and through our library. Our staff is dedicated to creating challenging work for our students and each other. We look to do things differently and to improve our kids, and ourselves.”– Heather Haunert, 5th Grade Teacher