Teacher Testimonials

“Batesville has always been a community that recognizes the importance of education. BHS is small enough for students to become involved in multiple extra-curricular activities which is invaluable for time management and the enhancement of communication skills.” – Charlie Schuck, Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator


Parent Testimonials

“I am a parent of three students at BHS.  The staff of this high school is always searching for new innovations to improve the curriculum for our students to challenge and improve their knowledge.  BHS does their best to use the most current technology to carry out this endeavor.” – BHS Parent

“We take great pride in being able to say that our boys have attended Batesville High School.   BHS provides a solid, high quality education with options to fit varying academic levels and interests.  It provides opportunities for students to excel in and outside their immediate comfort zone.” – BHS Parent

“Our boys attended a parochial school for 9 years.   BHS has been a great stepping-stone in helping them to prepare academically and socially to transition into the next step of their adulthood. The teachers and administrators at BHS care.  They work with students and partner with parents to ensure the youth of our community have the best opportunity to develop into reputable, successful individuals and citizens.  Simply stated, it is a GREAT school!”  – BHS Parent

“At Batesville High School you will find the administration, faculty, and staff, are all very skilled in their varied responsibilities, along with being very conscientious of each individual student.  Their concerns are for the students, not their own convenience.  Our family moved to Batesville in 1997 when our oldest son was a senior.   Since that time we have seen many wonderful things take place in this high school.  The people here are not afraid to try something new.  They work with the parents and students and listen to our concerns.   If evidence shows that a different method or additional training increases student success, the staff believes it is worth their time to investigate and implement it.  We have seen the addition of more AP classes, Project Lead the Way, ESL programs, and SAT preparation. The class schedule system has changed, the school calendar was amended, the grading system altered, the building renovated and expanded at least three times, the lunch menu and vending options have become more health conscious, etc.  Six of my seven children have graduated from BHS thus far.  They have enjoyed their core courses and their electives, particularly music and art, and have participated in many extracurricular activities, teams, clubs, and sports.

Because of the concern, encouragement, teaching, counseling, and coaching of everyone there, each child has graduated with an honors diploma, has learned much and earned college credit from the AP classes and tests, and has earned substantial scholarship funding toward their college education.  (Some of them have even called home and asked that I send their AP Calculus notes to them to assist in their university courses.)  I would highly recommend giving BHS a try.  You can’t beat Batesville!” – BHS Parent

Student Testimonials

“The teachers are dedicated to the success of every student and create a welcoming and comfortable learning environment.” – BHS Student

Batesville provides the opportunity to make it where you want to go, master what you want to learn, and become the person for your individual dream.” – BHS Student

“Batesville High School has a great atmosphere.  The staff is always ready to assist you in any way they can.  You always feel very comfortable with both the teachers and your classmates.  Overall it’s just a great place to get an education and prepare you for life after high school.” – BHS Student


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