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The ACT and SAT Success Factors and Admission Trends

*  Performance on the SAT and ACT has a significant impact on college admissions.  Surveys of admissions officers show that SAT and ACT scores are typically the third-most important component of the college application, after GPA and strength of curriculum. Test scores are particularly important at public institutions. Nevertheless, there is a growing movement to place less emphasis on admissions tests. An increasing number of institutions do not use the ACT or SAT in their admissions process for many or all undergraduate applicants, including a number of institutions that are highly ranked by U.S. News and World Report.
*   The strongest contributing factor to success on the SAT and ACT is a rigorous, high-quality high school core curriculum.  Other factors are also associated with higher test scores, including demographic characteristics, tutoring, and test-taking strategies, but the literature agrees that strong academic preparation is the best foundation for success on the SAT and ACT.
*   Along with success in rigorous, core academic courses, students should familiarize themselves with test formats and content. One study indicates that taking a full-length practice test is helpful to students. However, teachers should focus on classroom practices that are associated with higher scores, such as higher-order problem-solving, analysis, and writing skills, rather than practice questions and test-taking strategies which have been shown to have less impact.
*   There are some significant differences between the ACT and SAT in content and format. The ACT includes a science section, tests knowledge of trigonometry, and has an optional writing section.  The SAT’s writing section is mandatory, and the test has a stronger emphasis on vocabulary. 
*   Despite differences in content, the SAT and ACT are viewed comparably by college admissions officers. Every accredited college in the United States accepts both tests, and Hanover Research found no indication that one test is viewed more favorably than the other. Nearly 20 percent of admissions officers indicate that submitting both scores is an advantage during the admission decision.
*  Though the SAT has had a greater market share historically, slightly more students took the ACT than the SAT in 2012. In 2010, students who enrolled at more selective institutions and institutions with lower yield rates more often submitted the SAT, while students at less selective institutions and institutions with higher yield rates tended to submit ACT scores.
*  Little research has been done on how teacher knowledge and mastery of assessment practices and question types affects test scores. One study found that schools where teachers dedicated more time to in-class test prep reported lower student achievement on the ACT. As indicated above, the literature indicates that teachers should review basic information about test structure and perhaps administer a practice exam, but efforts should be focused on supporting student achievement through rigorous instruction in core classes.

Phil Partenheimer, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Wilson Education Center