National Honor Society

The National Honor Society was founded in 1921, as a way to promote high academic standards, ensure the continuation of democracy, and serve as an instrument for the betterment of the individual and the school.

The Batesville Chapter of the National Honor Society was chartered in April 1953, and is considered to have maintained an active chapter from that time.

The National Honor Society is an organization that increases awareness of students who have exhibited outstanding achievements in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. ALL FOUR areas are used in determining membership. The National Honor Society is not an organization which students join, but one to which they are selected by a faculty council as an honor bestowed upon them. Therefore, all students DO NOT have the right to belong to this organization. Membership is not only based upon scholarship, but leadership, character, and service to the school and society.

To be eligible for consideration, the student must be a junior or senior, have a cumulative grade point average of 3.81, show evidence of service to the school and community, show evidence of leadership, and have his/her character attested to by a majority of the faculty. Prospective members submit a completed Student Activity Information form and essays to the NHS Faculty Council for membership consideration. Once selected to membership in the Batesville Chapter of the National Honor Society, a student must maintain the high standards upon which that student was inducted into the organization. Members must complete twenty (20) hours of community service, maintain a 3.81 cumulative grade average, attend chapter and committee meetings, participate in chapter service projects, pay annual dues, and fulfill any other requirements as determined by the faculty council.



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