Programmes de musique

Groupe est ouvert à tous les étudiants et fournit une étude complète équilibrée de la musique. Ensemble des activités et solo sont conçus pour développer les éléments de musicalité, y compris, mais sans s'y limiter,:

  • Analyser Musique
  • Intonation
  • Capacités d'écoute
  • Compétences en lecture de musique
  • Etudier Styles Historiquement important de la littérature
  • Les compétences techniques
  • Production du son

Les expériences sont, mais ne sont pas limités à, improvisation, la conduite, jouer à l'oreille, et lecture à vue.


BHS Choral Music classes are open to all students. Advanced Chorus I is open to students in grades 9-12 and Advanced Chorus II (Batesville Singers) is currently open to students in grades 10-12. Admission into Batesville Singers is by audition and instructor recommendation only. Auditions occur each spring semester for placement into the following year’s cast.

Programme d'études

It is the goal of the choral department to not only develop well-trained singers, but to send well-rounded musicians out into the world once they leave the program. We attempt to do this by catering to the whole musician. Comprehensive Musicianship covers topics, such as timbre, rhythm, harmony, melody, form, tonality, and texture.

Through this type of curriculum, the choral department strives to meet the following goals in every course:

  1. Students will continue development as comprehensive musicians studying literature through the medium of authentic performance.
  2. Students will expand upon their understanding of the singing process and how it relates to vocal and choral singing technique (intonation, balance, blend, musicality, etc)
  3. Students will develop ensemble skills and strengthen verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
  4. Students will recognize and develop an academic et aesthetic value of choral music.

Batesville Singers

Batesville Singers is a choral ensemble that focuses on reaching levels of excellence in music performance as a “show ensemble.” Students will focus on professional (participation, ensemble skills), musical (vocal technique, music reading), and performance (expressive elements, choreography style/execution) aspects throughout the year to reach these levels. Each member is expected to display the qualities of positive cooperation, teamwork, and a solid work ethic.

Students will participate as a show choir at show choir competitions, as well as a concert group in other ISSMA events.

Students must audition for this ensemble. Auditions will be held each spring semester for placement in the following year’s cast. Batesville Singers is a périscolaires ensemble with components of the course existing inside and outside of the normal school day.

Any questions regarding this group should be sent to the director at


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