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Tutti Batesville Community School Corporation studenti, compresi gli studenti iscritti alla Scuola di Alta Batesville, sono insegnate sia Indiana Academic Standard and Common Core Standards.

Per informazioni specifiche su uno qualsiasi degli standard accademici Indiana e progetti BCSC andare a:

Indiana Academic Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics Update
We are very pleased to announce that this week a draft version of the Indiana Academic Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics will be released. The draft will be posted on the IDOE website prior to Wednesday, Aprile 16. The draft you will see has been through many rigorous rounds of updates since the first draft was published for online comment.

The changes from the first draft to this latest draft were informed through public testimony, online feedback from 2066 Hoosiers, direct work by educators from across Indiana with over 400 years combined teaching experience, additional work by members of the higher education and business community as they assessed the Indiana Academic Standards through the lens of what students in Indiana should know and be able to do to be college and career ready upon graduation, and through integration of feedback from national experts in the field of standards. ¨The reports from national experts will also be available at the same time on the Indiana Department of Education website, as well as a summary with regards to how the expert feedback informed the draft.

Next steps in the process towards the State Board of Education adoption of Indiana Academic Standards on April 28 a 9:00 a.m. will be a presentation of the draft standards on Monday, Aprile 21, at the Education Roundtable Meeting, which is scheduled to take place at 2:00 p.m. in the Indiana Government Center South. At that time, the Education Roundtable will be provided a resolution to recommend the standards to the State Board of Education.

We are very hopeful that the results of the Education Roundtable and State Board of Education meetings will enable the Indiana Department of Education to publish the newly adopted Indiana Academic Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics following the action of the State Board of Education on April 28th.

The proposed ELA and Math standards can be accessed at:

Standards Implementation survey…

The Indiana Department of Education is preparing implementation guidance and supports for schools. It is our goal to provide the education community with support opportunities and materials that are most meaningful. To inform this work, we are seeking your input through a brief survey, found here.

([ ]survey link)

The results of this survey will provide direction to the Indiana Department of Education regarding your priority needs during this transition to the proposed standards. Pertanto, after the release of the draft standards on Wednesday, we would ask that you share this survey link with your teachers and ask them to join you in providing us with feedback on how we can best support local efforts.

After the standards have been approved and implementation has begun, the IDOE will again reach out to you regarding your local plans and further needs for implementation.

Thank you to all of the Indiana educators that took part in this process to evaluate the Indiana Academic Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics. And, thank you in advance for your participation in this survey. [ ]

Keep in touch. Feel free to leave comments at [ ]

Glenda Ritz, Superintendent of Public Instruction


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