Community Service & Fitness Projects

Hop for Leukemia
Hop for Leukemia & Lymphoma is an annual fundraising event held at BPS each year starting the week after Spring Break.

BPS students “hop” during their physical education class. Students are asked to collect donations from family and friends. These fundraising efforts contribute to research and patient aid services to families affected by blood cancers throughout Indiana.  Leukemia is the leading cause of cancer deaths among children under 20. We believe that young people can make a difference in helping to win the fight against blood cancers.

Since 1994, BPS has collected and donated over $276,660.00 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  In 2016, over 460 BPS students collected $12,900.00!  Batesville Primary School has been the #1 school collecting for HOP in Indiana for the last several years.  For a full list of participating Indiana schools and results visit

The Leukemia “Hop” will help teach your child about personal achievement and teamwork, but ultimately demonstrates the meaning of giving to help others.

Heart Maze
One of the most anticipated events at BPS is the Heartmaze. This activity takes place in February, which is American Heart Month. The Heartmaze is a giant obstacle course where the students act as blood cells making their way through all of the chambers of the heart and throughout the rest of the body. Simulating the continuous blood flow throughout the body, students complete the Heartmaze several times during PE class, which is a great heart-healthy exercise. Also during the week of the Heartmaze, students learn many different facts about the heart and how it functions, as well as ways to maintain a healthy heart throughout the rest of their lives.


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