BHS head wrestling coach, Chris Deal oversees the BMS program.   Any questions can be directed to him at


Coaching the Wrestling program at BMS this year will be:
Head Coach   –  Bob Weiler
Asst                  –  Ben Westerfeld
Asst                 –   Matt Linkel

Schedule  &  Results: BMS Wrestling 16-17

Previous year results:     Wrestling 15-16

Matches are held at BMS.  Enter from Columbus Avenue.  Time listed is the starting times, Weigh-ins will be prior to this time.

(Home Matches)

1/30/17  Brookville at BMS  Start time 5:30 PM   1-30-17 vs Brookville

2/4/17  Jennings County Invitational at Jennings County  Start time 9:00 AM  2-4-17 at Jennings County Invitational

2/9/17  South Dearborn at South Dearborn  Start time 5:30 PM  2-9-17 vs South Dearborn

2/14/17  Milan at BMS  Start time 6:00 PM  2-14-17 vs Milan

2/20/17  Madison at Madison  Start time 6:00 PM   2-21-17 vs Madison

2/23/17 Sunman-Dearborn at BMS  Start time 5:30 PM   2-23-17 vs Sunman-Dearborn

2/25/17 South Dearborn Invitational  Start time 9:00 AM  2-25-17 at South Dearborn

2/28/17  Shelbyville Middle School  at Shelbyville  Start time 6:00 PM  2-28-17 vs Shelbyville

3/2/17  Greensburg at Greensburg  Start time 5:30 PM   3-2-17 vs Greensburg

3/4/17  Brookville Invitational at Brookville  Start time 9:00 AM  3-4-17 at Brookville Invitational