Coaching the Track program this year will be Vicki Heil, assisted by Derek Suits
BMS home meets are ran at Batesville High School

Current year Schedule and Results:  BMS Track 16-17

Prior year results:  Track and Field 15-16


4-6-17 at Brookville Start time 5:00 PM   Moved to 4-13-17

4-10-17 at Jennings County  Start time 5:00 PM  4-10-17 at Jennings County

4-13-17 at Brookville  Start time 5:00 PM  4-13-17 at Franklin County

4-17-17 vs Milan & Greendale at Milan  Start time 5:00 PM   4-17-17 at Milan

4-20-17  Sunman-Dearborn at East Central  Start time 5:00 PM  4-20-17 at Sunman-Dearborn

4-24-17 vs North Decatur & St. Louis at Batesville  Start time 5:00 PM  4-24-17 vs N Decatur and St. Louis

4-27-17 vs Greensburg at Batesville  Start time 5:00 PM   4-27-17 vs Greensburg

5-1-17 Ripley County Meet at Jac-Cen-Del  Start time 5:00 PM   5-1-17 RCT meet at JCD

5-9-17 at Sunman Dearborn Invitational  Start time 5:00 PM  5-9-17 Sunman Dearborn Invitational