Students may choose to join and/or participate in different activities, and/or after school programs. These programs and activities are designed to assist with academic growth and extend abilities and talents.

  • BIS Principal Reading Club Students are encouraged to read throughout the summer months and school year and keep a record of the number of pages and book titles that have been read. Forms for recording are distributed to students at the end of the school year and are available in the office.  Grade 3 students will read 6,000 pages and grade 4/5 students will read 7,000 pages at their appropriate reading level to qualify for a special celebration. The deadline for this program is in March.
  • Young Hoosier Book Club Students are encouraged to read all twenty books identified on the suggested reading list. Computerized tests over each book are given to participating students.  Literary discussion groups meet to discuss their reading throughout the year.  Trophies are awarded to students successfully completing all twenty books. Books read for this program may also be recorded on Century Club forms.
  • Literary Lunches Students read a book and then can join a group for a book discussion or literary lunch. Monthly postings about literary lunches will inform where we get together to eat, talk books and have a bit of fun. There is a wide variety of books chosen that appeal to everyone.
  • Destination Imagination This after school program is a five to seven member creative problem solving team activity.  Membership for these groups is recruited in the fall. Each team commits to developing a solution/presentation for competition.


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