How To Transfer

Interested in transferring to Batesville High School?  We look forward to the chance to introduce you to our award winning school system.

The Batesville Community School Corporation supports the idea of parent choice for their children’s education.  For parents of children living outside of our corporation boundaries, follow these steps to potentially transfer your child to our school system:

  1. Contact Melissa Burton, Director of Student Learning at the Batesville Community School Corporation’s Administration Building at 812-934-2194 to schedule an appointment.
  2. Meet with Mrs. Burton to complete the Transfer Tuition Agreement Form and receive a Transfer Acknowledgement Form.
  3. Contact Batesville High School Principal Andy Allen at or via phone at (812) 934-4384 to schedule an appointment.
  4. Meet with Principal Allen to discuss your desire to have your child transfer to our school corporation. Please come prepared with information regarding your child’s academic, attendance, and behavior history.
  5. If Principal Allen indicates that your child will be accepted into our school corporation, then take the Transfer Acknowledgement Form to your home school corporation for the appropriate signatures.
  6. Once signatures are gained on the Transfer Acknowledgement Form, submit the original form to the Superintendent at the Administration Building.
  7. Officially register your child at the school building so he/she can start their educational career as a BULLDOG!

Please see BCSC Policy 6.0-7-2 regarding specific language for “Non-Resident Student Admission.”