Please Note:  We encourage students to look for scholarships outside of this website.  Most colleges and universities will have their own scholarship pages with freshman-specific scholarships.  Check on scholarships early!  Many college and university scholarships have December deadlines.




  • Horatio Alger Association Scholarship – DEADLINE OCTOBER 25
    • “If integrity, determination, and courage describe you – you have what it takes to be a Horatio Alger Scholar.  (These) scholarships reward students who possess the character to succeed in life.  (They) help students overcome the financial barriers of pursing higher education.  To qualify, you must have at least a 2.0 GPA and require financial assistance to attend college”.
    • Students may apply online August 1 – October 25
    • For more information:


  • Ripley County Community Foundation Lilly Endowment Scholarship – DEADLINE AUGUST 25
    • ~ Scholarships ~ Scholarship Brochure
    • The essay portion of the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship will be administered at BHS on Wednesday,  August 23rd at 8 am in the LGI Room.  All applicants must complete this essay.


  • Ripley County Community Foundation Scholarships ~ ~ DEADLINE MARCH 1
    Corinne’s Believers Memorial Daryl Lea Van Hook Memorial George & Patricia Brinkmoeller Memorial
    George M. Hillenbrand Memorial Greg & Candy Wehr Memorial J. Michael Hansen M.D. Memorial
    Joe Shotwell Memorial John Moorman Memorial Matt and Cleo Warner
    Matt Gutzwiller Memorial Melody G. Arney Memorial Nixie B Koelling Memorial STEM
    Rural Alliance for the Arts &
    Elsa and Peter Soderberg
    Sylvester J. “Bess” Bartling
    Zachary A Lizinger Memorial


Franklin County Community Foundation Lilly Endowment Scholarship ~ DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 5

  • ~ On the Main Page of the site, click on Scholarships.  Click on Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Application.  Save the file as a Word document.


Franklin County Community Foundation Scholarships ~ WILL BE POSTED SOON



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